Toby’s Terrier Tips – Staying Warm & Christmas

Hey everyone!  I hope you all are staying warm.  As for us here in Oklahoma, winter decided to come a few days early, and we’ve already had our first snow, kind of.

Toby has decided to share with you a few tips about being a Boston Terrier, dealing with the snow, and what your pups should avoid at Christmas!

  • When your pup starts to shiver, its a good idea for a sweater.
  • We can’t wear shoes, so please remember, salt on the streets is not good for our feets (or licking them either).
  • Turkey is nice, but skin, fat and bones can make us sick.
  • Our tummies don’t like sage or cinnamon either, so please be careful what you feed us.
  • We do like to chew, and if you have a small pup, watch for Christmas light wire and tinsel or they will chew it all up.
  • Most important to remember, on cold nights we do like to cuddle, so under the blankets we will love to snuggle.

Toby sends lots of sugars to all of your furry friends.  Enjoy this picture of his footprints in the snow…and have a Merry Christmas!




Welcome to A Girl and Her Boston.  My name is Angela, and I have started this blog to journal how my service dog, Toby and I navigate life, one day at a time.

In 2007, I became seriously ill and over the past several years have had to learn to deal with life based on “invisible” illnesses.  I’m hoping to share what I have learned, and how I try to deal with things.  Since a few years ago, when I was able to come to terms with the fact my life would never be “normal” again, I feel that if God put me through this to help one other person, it would be worth it.  Maybe that person is you.

Toby is my handsome best friend, who through the smiles and tears, besides my husband he is the one thing that has gotten me through all of this.  We hope to share our trials and tribulations, happiness and fears, one day at a time.